7th June Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Fri 7 Jun 2019 17:54
We are back at the marina to have spare parts for the engine and the
Mechanic Graham will be here soon.

I tried fishing out at the anchorage with and line and feathers not a
bite. Now alongside in the marina there are loads of fish about 2 kg but
we are not allowed to fish.

Went to the laundry today for our final laundry before sailing. Also
brought some more stores for the voyage although double the prices UK.

Battery charger is all fitted and working now, run it for 5 hours to
boost the batteries. It was nice to see 12.8 volts this morning instead
of 10.8 or lower.

Chrissie had to leave for family reasons. One of Martins friends is
flying out and arriving Monday night. He has his own boat and used to
sailing solo. At the moment lack of wind on the passage so the delay
will not make much difference.


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