Position 24th May Diverting to Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:30
Lat 24 29N. Long 058 13 W
Speed 1.3 knots average speed 4.20Knots
Distance for day 31 miles. Total distance traveled 507 miles.
Distance to Bermuda 580miles

Called home to families to alert them now sailing to Bermuda in order to
sort out the Charging of the batteries.

The batteries have not been charging as before when in ST Martin. We now
have a heavier load with Autopilot plus Raymarine Navigation system Main
load are the fridge and freezer box.The battery power has been going
lower in the last few days and been unable to boost it as before.
There are four means of battery charging. Wind generators of which we
have two. One is the latest model and 30% more efficient. Other power is
solar panel. Third is by Main Engine using the alternator - same as car.
Last is the generator working through its own battery charger. Martin
renewed the alternator for a more powerful one before arrival St.
Martin. We had a few teething problems and had a technician look at the
alternator. Today Martin found a broken wire and found the charge unit
was not working properly. Had new one spare so has replaced. This is now
working and should give us a boost until we have the generator charger
fixed in Bermuda. All attempts by Martin have been unsuccessful. Before
sailing working well. Now we have no wind as we are becalmed from last
night. Sun has only been out a half daylight so the normal source of
power is lower output. We will have to limit the use of engines due to
the fuel used.

Good decision to go to Bermuda to ensure we have battery power for the
trip across. Unable to send blog so will do daily and send when internet

Early this morning running main engine to recharge the batteries. When
stopped engines wind decided to drop to 0 - 4 knots. I had to try all
sorts of options to try and maintain any course. Eventually furled the
Genoa tightened the main sheet to prevent excessive movement. The main
boom and sheets still clattered giving everybody a problem for a
blissful sleep. Tried many ways to keep some type of course with what
wind I had. Handed over to Chrissy. When Martin took over the winds
increased and went all over the place having to cope with gybes and
change of tacks. It is all good for the future as gives Chrissy and
myself more confidence. Using light winds during darkness with the sails
and variations of course plus the gybing and tacking quicklywind will
help us in stronger winds.

Metsuyan Team

We have gone nowhere in the last 24 hours as no wind or we get the sails
up and then the wind drops. Chris,s fish was delicious..we had it for
supper last night along with macaroni/cauliflower cheese. As poor Martin
spent the morning with his head in the engine room and it is hot, the
sea dead calm, we threw a couple of ropes overboard and hanging onto
those we have all had a refreshing swim and a good hot water shower.
Chris stayed on board while M and i had a swim then Chris had his dip.
There is plenty of Sargossa Sea weed floating around us, Chris catches
quite a bit with his rod and it is very pretty to look at. The sea is a
beautiful blue and so clear. There have been the usual nosy seabirds
flying around, fortunately they stay clear of Chris's line and we.ve
only had 4 tiddly flying fish landing on deck, not worth frying for
breakfast. Water still comes out of the tap so we are all relaxed and

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