16th June destination Horta Azores

Martin Ransome
Tue 2 Jul 2019 15:51
Lat. 35 04 058 37 W course 090 degrees for Horta Azores
Winds initially SW 5-10kts increased to Northerly 15-22 knots pm 15th now NNW 5-10kts Sea 2 mtrs
Distance 15th 90 miles 16th 119 miles
Completed distance 352 miles
Speed 15th 3.75kts 16th 4.96 kts

Sailing shute down. Mail and Genoa rigged. 15th Pm rigged for First Reefing point due increase wind possibly increasing further during night. Genoa in a few turns. 16th Genoa full out and reefer point released.

Lots of Saragosso weeds catching on Hydro vane (wind steering ) rudder interferes with the course setting. Still lots of weed therefore no fishing. We have seen a couple of friendly Sheerwater birds. They fly up to the bow and sit on the water for a few hundred yards in our wake then do it again. They are obliviously after scraps of food.
We saw a yacht about 5 miles away to the SE but no contact. Also saw a Tanker going SW about 10 miles away at 0600 this morning.

PS James please pass the message to your Mum.

Brgds Martin Chris and Craig

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