Position 31st May

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 17:08
Lat 30 34 N 062 20 W Course 330
Wind increasing slightly SW 5-10 knots
Distance day 71 miles. Total distance 930 miles
Speed day 2.95kts Average speed 3.21 knots.

We had a quiet morning yesterday, we are all becoming fed up with being
becalmed, even the birds aren,t hanging around. Chris did an extra hour
of my watch as the voltage was very low and we had no instuments on; it
comes up again as soon as the solar starts. Chris got excited about
hauling in a big fish only to discover it was more weed! M decided we
should put up the cruising shute. We got it up and were sailing along
when there was a big bang and down she came, half in the water. She had
become detached from the spinnaker halyard which was hanging near the
top of the mast! Chris was in the middle of doing his mid-day
calculations so then we had lunch. Chris was looking less and less
happy at the thought of going up the mast. He bravely set of up in the
bosun,s chair but some swell sent him dangling over the sea. We fetched
him back down again and it was going to be my turn but i chickened out
before i even got in the bosun,s chair so Capt Sparrow went up like a
monkey going up a coconut tree!
We set up the cruising shute again and started sailing again. The wind
veered a bit and the windvane was struggling to keep on course so just
before dusk we took her down and put out the main and genoa again. We
are sailing again and all slept well as there was little swell so just
that gentle swoosh round the bow as she sails along and the wind
generators whirring on the stern. We are now doing about 5 knots with
the cruising shute and main.

Metsuyan Team

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