June 6th Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Fri 7 Jun 2019 17:43
We have moved out to the anchor due to high marina costs staying
alongside. We all grabbed a hot shower before we left. Towed out by
sports dinghy. Did a little shopping but things at least double normal

The battery charger is now on board and Martin is fitting at this time.
We are hoping this will be our last problems with the batteries. We had
brought 4 new batteries in St Martin when we first arrived.

Intention is to return to the marina on Saturday where Graham the
mechanic will continue to change the springs and set up the engine for
running. Water came from inlet exhaust.

We have heard from other yachtsmen that the Satellite connection was not
working from St. Martin. We had error SMTP so tried to reset and
hopefully will be back to a normal system via Satellitte when we leave.

Metsuyan Team

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