5th June Bermuda

Martin Ransome
Thu 6 Jun 2019 12:30
Lat 32 17 N 064 47 W

The mechanic was working most of the day on the engine. We have had to
order some spare parts from the USA which will probably arrive on
Friday. The Mechanic may have to work on the weekend to complete the
work. Which means we will not be able to sail till Sunday at the earliest.

Had a meal ashore of course was expensive. Rationed the beer due to the
high cost.

We have mentioned to a few people here about the long tail birds which
we saw on our passage. Here they started a program to re-introduce then
in Bermuda which has been successful. The locals are amazed that we saw
them so far away about 300 miles from Bermuda.

Here there is a requirement when you build house or apartments that they
provide a water catchment from the roofs to tanks for use to try and
make use of the rain for water control.

Today we will have to move to anchor as berth expensive. They will tow
us out and bring us back in on Saturday.

Metsuyan Team

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