9 June Bermuda St George's

Martin Ransome
Mon 10 Jun 2019 15:08
latitude 32 22 N 064 40 W

Yesterday went ashore to have a look round. Very Quaint village although
this was original capital of Bermuda. A lot of old buildings still used
from 16th Century when they used to import from England and Scotland in
the sailing ship days. Additionally of course it was a naval base for
navy operations in USA before the union was established.

We found a British type bar Stella was 8.00 USD slightly cheaper thank
goodness than Hamilton.

We covered 20 miles since last update of the distance 4th June.
Total 1170 miles since Departure St. Martin.

Craig arrives Monday late night. Intention is try and leave on
Wednesday. We are hoping that Craig will sort out the communication
problem using Iridium Satellite.

No wind at all at anchorage

Martin/ Chris

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