14th June

Martin Ransome
Tue 2 Jul 2019 15:50
23 25 N 062 11W
Distance for day 77 miles total 143 miles
Average speed 3.20 for day 3.08 knots average
Wind SW 2-6 knots

Today caught one of the Shearwater birds on my line. Luckily it was close to the ship. It was a bit upset and pecked Martin. I untangled it and returned it to the water without any problem. Saw two large splashs afar probably Marlin or something similar.

Craig has been working hard trying to sort out the communications. Our material which was loaded for sending via Iridium in St.Martin has been ineffective in connecting, and after discussion with Mailasail said there was too many problems trying to do it that way and the red box was dead easy and no problems. Yesterday he started on the red box and it was anything but easy. In the end we thought we had sent 2 messages but now not so sure, we were excited that finally cracked it. Today the two messages are back in the outbox.

Martin Chris Craig

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