Arrival Horta Faial

Martin Ransome
Tue 2 Jul 2019 15:59
Arrived at 1200hrs Azores Time GMT.
Distance 90 miles Total 1952 miles
Average Speed voyage 4.10 knots

This morning we were still bouncing around till we came into the lee of the land to the north of the island. Then came in under sail and anchored in the harbour. They have a large breakwater on the outside of the harbour for commercial use of tankers and cargo ships, so we are not bouncing around in the harbour. We have moved alongside another yacht for water and electricity.

The town of Horta is quaint as compact due to the hills and Volcano behind. The main area is around the harbour which has a few bars and restaurants. The main one was tested last night with a good steak which was cheap after the high costs of Bermuda.It was good to be on land again and we all enjoyed the beer. The main thing was the internet.

We intend to stay for a few days as we need to sort out a few problems with the electricity on board.


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