Thursday 16th may

Martin Ransome
Thu 16 May 2019 22:15


Today received news that our sails have arrived in St Martin and the sailmaker will pickup tomorrow and insert the 6 battens. Hopefully delivery afternoon 

We have all been busy. I brought a few things at cash and carry. 30 toilet roll  and large mayonaise extra large cereals and Philadelphia  cheese. Also setup the satellite comms for the weather forecasts. We will download from internet for 14 days before we go as the satellite need take care for the charges. 

Tomorrow  laundry clean .
Charge propane  bottle for cooking 
Buy about 30 % more food. 
Pickup sail
Try to install if time
Fuel and water
Final comms ashore through internet.
Latest 16 day forecast
Stow an clean dinghy as lot of grass on it.
Stow all extra water/diesel and Gasoline.
Buy the meat at French market about 15 mins away 

Maybe leave but short trip to Tintamarre as no wind morning.
Otherwise Sunday.

Martin has the patience of a saint he has had his bum in the air and head in the plumbing dept. There is a jinx, every boat has one, in the plumbing and we can,t get water out of the taps..lots in the tank. He has replaced every possible part so we will be bucket and chuck it for the voyage unless the jinx stays in St Maartin!

Team Metsuyan