position 28th May becalmed

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:47
27 18 N 061 28 W Course 347 degrees
Distance for day 38 miles. Total Distance 744 miles
Average speed day 1.58 knots. Average speed 3.43 knots

Wind Mainly Southerly Veered to Westerley during night 0- 6 knots only.
No wind.

Well we are going nowhere slowly so M decided to try the cruising shute.
Now we are going slowly towards Bermuda and the swell is with us but
we are going too fast for the birds to bob along beside us so C tried
fishing but to no avail. We had bar-b-qued sausages and black pudding,
beans and fried eggs..greatly enjoyed. we are all reading plenty of books!

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