Position 23 rd May

Martin Ransome
Tue 4 Jun 2019 16:27
Lat 24 05 N 057 50 W Course 048 degrees
Speed 3.5 Knots. Average 4.84. Dist day 84 Total 476miles.
Destination Bermuda 661 miles. We have problems with the battery charger
so unable to charge with Generator. Additionally communications not working.

we had 3 days of very uncomfy swell but good winds. Now we have gentle
long swell so life on board is easy and we are all getting more sleep. A
few ships have gone past and we have a following of seabirds. Only 3
dolphins saw us off from St Maarten. Chris caught a small tuna today
and has just had a filletting lesson so pan-fried tuna tonight just to
make you all jealous. Water is now (or should i say for now) working so
it comes out of the tap when we turn the pump on. It is amazing how
small luxuries like that make life so much easier! life on board is
good and we are all fine x


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