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Kind of Blue
Martin& Dawn Neumayer
Fri 17 Jun 2016 11:35

44:02.331N 15:03.320E


Sorry for the offline mode of our blog.


A quick update from our days in the Marina . Our gearbox is fine and everything is working as it should, the professional expertise come to the conclusion that the throttle could have been in the slight position between neutral and reverse, when I started the engine, shit happens, even in the third year of ownership.

The storm came as promised 43.7 Kts from the SW in the Marina – warm and sandy wind – I hate it !!

The good thing about our stay, we pontificated with new friend and old friends. Good food – wine and shopping for cheese / olive oil and fig marmalade and pear Schnaps , everything produced by a  local lady in the village of Ugljan – just wonderful .  Andreas& Eva from “ SY Blue Flame “ an HR42 F brought us there, as Andreas is fluent in Croatian, it was a special experience !

Hans& Eva from “ SY Merlin” a Discovery 55 and our dear friends Doris&Manfred – guest on Merlin made the days fly by !


Friday we were ready to go again and decided to join Blue Flame to sail to Mala Rava to have dinner at a special Konoba, only local ingredients .

Leo& Barbara joined Blue Flame for the weekend outing. Look at the pictures and enjoy .


Oh – I almost forgot , our new doggy friend King Poodle  Joya – a sweety and first time boater on Blue Flame.


Great time and as know already  -  we love Croatia.



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