WG: Weekend in Croatia

Kind of Blue
Martin& Dawn Neumayer
Fri 17 Jul 2015 14:28




44:05.755N 15:10.256E


So our first ‚long weekend‘ in Croatia, in season! Our style is more off-season, so we were really taking some risks.  The dear Manfred and Doris picked me up at the UN at 12:00  hundred. We breezed down in about 5 hours and 15 minutes, and even caught the 6 O’clock ferry.  Picked up some beer and then off to Olive Marina, Sutomiscica! Martin had driven down on Wednesday, so he met us there.  We took a swim at the little beach at the Marina, it was heavenly.  Then a nice meal of goodies from the sea.  Friday we left Suomiscica and headed up to the northern point of Ugljan. We rounded the island and then set sails.  We had about 15 knots, a lovely, easy sail.  We passed between the island IZ and Rava and at one point the wind died, so we stopped and paddled around in the gorgeous water. Next stop Dugi Otok, we entered the Kornati national park, through a tiny little freakin passage, then up the inlet of Telascica to our anchorage spot where we sweated until the sun went down. Phew. We anchored around a few islands known for being the habitat for wild donkies, which we never saw, though Manfred claimed he saw two.    Martin had prepared chili, yum. Yum.  It cooled down a bit after the sun set and sleeping was okay.  The next day we rounded Dugi Otok and headed north again on the west coast of the island.  We set Gennaker (a few times) and had a jolly sail, then we motored to our anchorage, Sakarun, opposite of Veli Rat. Actually, it is very popular, but we had no problem getting a buoy.  It has a pretty beach and it is kinda full in comparison to last night, where we were practically alone.  Doris is making guacamole for dinner and Martin is getting ready to play sappy music. More tomorrow  - perhaps

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