First Day

Kind of Blue
Martin& Dawn Neumayer
Thu 27 Jun 2013 09:56

58:10.836N 11:27.816E


Big day Tuesday.  The day ‘Kind of Blue’ was handed to us.  The tradition at the shipyard is that they fly the flag of your country on the day you get your boat. We are registered in Austria, so I thought we would see just the Austrian Flag, but lo and behold, there…side by side the Austrian and American flag. We had a sparkling day, it was gorgeous, sunny and around 18 Celsius.


Jonas, our sweetie-pie sales guy, took us through the boat and helped us put up the sails.  Martin and I kept congratulating ourselves on receiving the boat here,  I couldn’t imagine not being  with this group. Everyone is helpful, friendly and easy-going. After lunch, we took ‘Kind of Blue’ out for her maiden voyage. It was grand.  The winds were light, so we put up the Gennaker and got to see it fly. 


We got back to HR and it was time to think about all our stuff. We had one load in a nearby storage hut and then the load we schlepped with us. We started to unload.  Ai. Later we unloaded more.  And then we finished unloading, after unloading a bit more.  Stacks of stuff everywhere. 


Then, it was time for the Christening.  We had a bottle of Moet from Jonas and went to the bow. We named her officially and we each gave our speeches.  My father-in-law had this beautiful thing he would say to me, (we adored each other), he would say,’ Dawn, schön das es Dich gibt.’  (It’s nice that you exist).  I said the same to ‘Kind of Blue’.  Martin promised her care and to always do dishes. Uh-okay, I made up the last part. None-the-less, it was official…she was christened.


Time for champagne.  More unloading. Martin couldn’t leave the boat, but by 8:00, I was ready to cave. It was a long, fun day.