Teleascica Dugi Otok - U .Raknic

Kind of Blue
Martin& Dawn Neumayer
Fri 16 Oct 2015 18:53

43:54.357N 15:09.463E


So we finally left OIM – the weather forecast, not as bad as the last week, so off we are to explore the Kornati Island.

I don’t know, if it’s that Chris&Ann are on board, it was the first time it rained and we had to put on our wet weather gear. British sailors = British Scottish weather !

Just joking – we were planning to go to the Kornati national park, first stop Teleascica Dugi Otok, a 29 nm trip .

When we entered the inlet , the sun came out  and we were surrounded by the beauty of the Kornati . Only a handful of other boats, so the choice of buoys were plenty !

We picked up a buoy in U. Raknic   and enjoyed the warm sun with wine and good talks, followed by  Thai fish curry & snicker doodle!



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