Arriving to Ellös (Dawn)

Kind of Blue
Martin& Dawn Neumayer
Mon 1 Sep 2014 05:45


Our long drive Thursday started at 4:00 am, I was to say the least, a little grumpy. We got to our car, parked in an underground garage, and there was a huge sign on our windshield, with a picture of a boat and a ships ahoy message, I laughed and giggled and was no longer grumpy. (Compliments of Karin and Nicole), the side doors had windmills stuck in them, so I shall use those for the boat to measure wind speed. What a wonderful start. We blew through Prague, but there were roadworks all the way through Czech Rep.  Our navi almost got fired as it gets shy for some reason outside of Prague and stopped speaking to us…we got hungry and dug into Rebecca’s travel cookies, we were saved. After a ferry ride overnight we arrived to Ellös on Friday. Our windshield was testimony to the mileage, with bug guts everywhere. We have been cleaning the boat and getting ready to sail, today we pick up our friends Chris and Ann from the airport and then ‘Leinen los’!

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