Pannikin's moving on

Thu 25 Sep 2014 17:46

Our last few days with Pannikin were great fun, we went to burger night at a bar in the marina on Wednesday which was a laugh as there were 12 or so other cruisers at the table so lots to talk about. It was a cheap night as drinks were half price, so we drank twice as much…well we are on our holidays.  So Thursday was recovery day, a chilled day filled with snorkelling off the boat along the shallow reefs close to shore. We had drinks with Jane and Russell on a Kiwi catamaran that evening with a few others, as a farewell to Pannikin night.  Then Friday was our last day with Steve and Ange, so we had a dive further north in the morning.


















The afternoon would not have been complete without a game of dominoes followed by takeaway pork ribs in the evening from Bobbejans,  a small place in town, just off the sea front. 


Pannikin sailed out of Bonaire on Saturday morning, it was tearful goodbye (well, for us girls anyway), it has been such good fun cruising with them over the last year and we have experienced so much of our journey with them.  They left in style, flying their spinnaker in 20-25 knots of wind, heading towards Curacao.




You can follow their blog by going to the website.