Sunny Day

Sun 26 Oct 2014 16:28

After a very sleepless night for two reasons, the nut cases from the den behind the bar had a very active night – and with no wind at all it was not only incredibly hot but the sound carried across the glassy water and straight into our port holes.  There are two particular men that get severely agitated and during the night there was a lot of high-pitched screaming and shouting – they obviously have a lot of demons. This morning they were still there – one with a bottle of beer and the other just finishing off a bottle of rum, completely wasted at 7am but still showing no signs of needing to sleep.



We waved goodbye this morning to Ta-B as they left the island playing the Haka with Jane doing the dance – she does it rather well!


The new solar panels are performing really well today, we have two installed on the front deck and two temporarily on the boarding ramp/diving board as we can angle this towards the sun. We have clocked 33.3 amps going into the batteries as well as charging our computers and phones. So today we can make water for an hour without having to run the generator, brilliant!