Klein Bonaire

Fri 12 Sep 2014 18:18

Klein Bonaire is a small uninhabited island right opposite the town of Kralendijk, so behind us on our town mooring buoy.  It was an easy dinghy ride around to ‘No Name Beach’ on the island, where we made use of the free barbeque facility and shaded hut.  The water is crystal clear, as everywhere here, and snorkelling off the sandy beach showed us an abundance of fish with a coral wall further out.  We all went on a turtle finding mission, and had a very special treat when Jez spotted one on the coral beneath us, and again it was quite at ease coming to the surface for air amongst us giving us a  great view of him.





The local fisherman are a pain here, we have two who anchor behind our boat at 4.30am every morning (anchoring for them is allowed using a brick on some fishing line – needless to say the coral beneath is littered with both) and have a very loud ‘chat’ for half hour before one disappears off and the other stays fishing.  Early one morning he hit our boat, a loud bang right by the aft cabin window woke us up with a start.  He made no attempt to apologise for the scratched paint work or to even get away from our boat and I had to use the boat hook to not only get him off but keep him off.  He had caught a large fish and was trying to get him onboard, and the current had drifted him into our boat.  Since then he has been back every morning to wake us up, so we may move to a mooring further away from the town and hope he doesn’t follow!  It was, however, nice to see he had a helper the other morning.