Admiralty Bay, Bequia 13 10 200N 61 14 600W

Mon 9 Jun 2014 17:53

In less than two hours we had sailed across the Bequia Channel and as we approached Admiralty Bay we caught the ‘Bequia Blast’, a wind acceleration zone which pushed us elegantly towards our proposed anchorage inside the bay.  A photographer roared out in a dinghy and snapped away as we sailed in.  This is a very busy bay but luckily heaps of room to find a suitable spot, and with the wind a constant 20 knots roaring through the valley into the bay we settled down on a nice patch of sand.

Ashore we checked in at the very efficient, and open, customs office and once legal we were able to wander around the little boutiques and stalls that line the road on the waters’ edge. It is a beautiful town, part of the bay has a small wall with a walkway which runs around edge of the bay passing lots of little bars and restaurants with great views. All well maintained with pretty flowers overhanging them. We stocked up with some fruit and veg at the market, ‘Sunshine’ was a great salesman and we came away with more than we had intended but at least had discovered the prickly pear (aka sour sop) which tastes like tuti fruti icecream.

There are also a couple of great beaches in Admiralty Bay, we had a lovely walk along Princess Margaret Beach and a swim to test out the Go Pro, the water was too cloudy though as the waves crashing in churn up the sandy bottom. We did see a few small fish and an octopus dragging along a shell and a stone!




Meet ‘Patch’, he stood in the sea cooling down then drank fresh water from Mum’s hand!





We spent three lovely nights in Bequia, we had several visits to the boat by local businesses offering everything from laundry to fuel delivered to the boat, and we bought a couple of photos from the photographer who had snapped us when we arrived. They were not hassling for business they left their cards and hoped we had a good stay, they were all very pleasant and professional.   Steven and Shaun from Amaris surprised us the first night as they were in the same bay, so we caught up with them with a few drinks on board as we haven’t seen them since the BVI’s.  We made friends with another dog very similar looking to Patch whilst sitting at a bar on the waterfront, he just wanted cuddles and sat at each of our feet lapping up the attention.  When we left he followed us right down the dock to the dinghy and looked longingly at us as we drifted off back to Joy, I so wanted to take him with us!



Next stop will be the small island of Mayreau..