50 45 500N 001 14 644W

Fri 3 May 2013 21:40

What a busy couple of weeks we have had.  After leaving Dover on Friday 19th April, we arrived ready for Yachtmaster training in Hamble the following Monday.  A big thanks to Ed Green who provided very informative and entertaining training (we escaped without an indent of the winch handle on our foreheads as was frequently threatened!!) and after a night passage with the examiner, and further exercises the following day, Skipper was confirmed as Yachtmaster OffshoreJ  Phew!!


We were both exhausted!   This week we have been to Saxon Wharf where Graham Collingwood fitted another winch, and we have installed the satellite comms system, wifi bat, replaced cleats and replaced the fridge pump which gave up on us during last week (that’s the royal ‘we’ of course, galley slave has spent all week winching Skipper + tools up the mizzen and main so many times I have muscles like a German shot putter). Another big thanks to all the guys at Saxon Wharf, lending us all sorts of tools and advice – this week and also last summer when Joy was out the water for a spell of TLC.


We have saved money this week by anchoring off the Isle of Wight, we found a perfect spot to the West of Newtown Creek at Midnight on Wednesday, sheltered and quite close to the shore.


Thursday saw a visit from three nice men in a rib, from the Border Patrol boat we had seen earlier making its way Eastwards – we obviously looked dodgy. I was on deck sewing a curtain for the forward heads, Skipper had the boat apart inside running cables for the wifi system!  They were however satisfied with my explanation of what we were doing and what our mad plans were – and with a wave and a smile they sped off back to their mother ship.


We sailed today to Osborne Bay, East of Cowes, to tuck ourselves away from the forecast force 5-6 South Westerly – although the wind has dropped and it’s quite settled at the moment. The anchor dragging alarm works well – we have discovered that setting the correct radius for the amount of chain let out means less times getting up in the night to switch it off!!  Vodka of course also helps you sleep through itJ What was that thing about steep learning curve?


We have had to hang around for our new sail which won’t be ready until Tuesday from Poole,  and then we plan to head across to Cherbourg before heading South.


Signing off for now,   Love to all back home xxx



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