Bonaire - Wreck Dive

Thu 25 Sep 2014 16:16

We were able to take Pannikin on quite a few occasions to dive sites and dive from the boat with Steve, whilst Ange snorkelled and kept an eye on the boat.  After a recommendation from another yachty we ventured south to a wreck called ‘Hilma Hooker’, a ship sunk in 1984.  We went down off the boat and then ventured into the dark blue deep water, visibility wasn’t brilliant. Steve pointed to something ahead, I squinted expecting to see a fish, then realised the vast ship was right in front of us like a wall.  It would be a strange place to dive if you suffer from vertigo, swimming up and over the hull, lying on its side, and down the other side is a strange experience as it drops to about a 100 feet beneath you.

There were a few corals growing on the topsides laying on the sand, and three large tarpon fish patrolled the entrance to the interior (that didn’t stop us going in for a peak).


This was the ‘wall’ we came across, one side of the hull.





Steve, such a poser….







The wall of coral leading back up to Pannikin held more interest for me though, more fish life to look at.    This one had colourful ‘wings’.


This one is a trumpet fish, we see lots of these hanging upside down amongst the coral and occasionally schools of other fish.






Going up – that’s Pannikin’s bottom in the background.