Grenada 12 04 800N 61 45 700W

Mon 9 Jun 2014 18:22

Our crossing from Sandy Island to Grenada took us south of Carriacou and once clear of  Isle de Ronde we headed west to take a look at ‘London Bridge’ a natural rock arch just off the north east coast of Grenada.  We took this route to take full advantage of the current which runs 2knots at times in this passage. Finally we caught ourselves a fish, the first in a fortnight (other than large Barracuda which we threw back in).





Then we headed down the west coast of Grenada and sailed to our intended spot for the night next to Moliniere Point as there is an underwater sculpture park in amongst the protected reef.  We made good time, arriving at 2pm leaving enough time for a snorkel and a cool down.  Fresh tuna for supper!