Arrived in Martinique

Tue 17 May 2016 22:10
14 44N  61 10.8W
Slow, uncomfortable trip down from Les Saintes to St. Pierre in Martinique. Half of the 72 mile trip was in open sea with a 4-5 easterly blowing. Almost close hauled with 1 reef and a number 3. Arrived St. pierre at sunset. Anchored in about 35 foot of water. Next day went ashore and had a look around, visited the museum and the theatre and prison which had been destroyed in the 1902 volcanic eruption.
Came back to boat to find we had dragged about 50 yards so we upped anchor and moved to a shallower bay half a mile down the coast. Plan is to stay her for a few days then move on down to fort De France. Will keep you posted !
C & C