Where's the damn wind gone ?!

Sat 5 Dec 2015 20:30
With our lack of light weight down wind sails we are flogging along at about 5 1/2 kts. with everything slamming around. Even worse we are watching nearly everyone else go faster than us. I was thinking about trying the asymetric on a pole but as it is 6.30 pm and I have just been made a stiff G & T that can wait till tomorrow morning. Yes, we take our racing seriously aboard Four Seasons. Not much to report today, am trying a day without towing Mildred so running the engine for charging. ETA looks like sometime around Thursday lunch time. A very slow 18 day trip.
Till tomorrow,
C & C
P.S. Just spotted a sail on the horizon ! Turns out it is ‘One and Only’ from our racing division. They have to beat us in by about 12 hours. Should be safe but they are doing a knot faster than us. Keep checking up on him !