Rolling, rolling, rolling...!

Fri 4 Dec 2015 20:51
Rawhide! The problem with going dead downwind with a wing and wing set up is the constant rolling. Once she starts to oscillate the rolls become quite severe. The boom end gets close to the water as does the spinnaker pole end. Just moving about the boat becomes difficult and cooking very difficult. All meals are very basic now; Tinned chicken and a curry sauce for example. Easy to prepare and served in bowls !
Weather fairly constant for the past 24 hours. Wind ENE around 20 kts with an 8 foot swell. Some heavy showers but no real squalls- Yet ! The water from 1 of our tanks tastes a bit funny, slightly brackish. It’s ok for washing and cooking but the crew don’t like drinking it much. In an enormous show of selflessness Chris the skipper has said he will substitute drinking water for beer. What a guy...
The other racing boats in our fleet are pulling away now. We just cannot afford to push too hard with our rudder problems. You will probably see us slip to 9th or so. All for now, have to start my personal self sacrifice and have a beer. Laterz
C & C
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