Fw: Not far now !

Tue 8 Dec 2015 11:09
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015 7:47 PM
Subject: Not far now !
As of 1800hrs  on Monday we had just 350 miles to go. The wind has shifted around to the ESE at around 15 kts. so we are currently broad reaching with full sails up. If it stays like this we will try the asymetric first thing tomorrow. All well on board and everyone starting to discuss the order of priorities. Beer, shower, steak,- Shower , beer, steak etc. etc. Skipper is thinking along the lines of beer, beer, beer, beer, sod it I’ll shower in the morning, beer, beer, beer......We still have a small chance of getting in late Wednesday evening in time for the first of the parties but with the wind dying that is looking unlikely.
Have a boat just 2 miles off our beam. A beneteau First 475. They should be around 14 hours ahead of us. Our good friends are sailing an Oyster 56 and are just 10 miles behind us but catching up. We are really trying to hold them off ! We have lost our wind instruments at night (low battery), as we have the solar panels on the bimini it is difficult to judge the wind. This now involves leaning out over the back of the boat to see the windex !
Just got a grib file for the atlantic weather. Britain looks set for some strong winds. Thinking of you... honest.
Next report will be the last before arrival.
Bye till then,
C & C