Slow slow, quick quick, slow

Mon 12 Oct 2015 11:18
29 45N 014 28W
The subject title says it all. From 12 kts. of wind on the beam and speeds of 8+ kts. to 4 kts. of wind, less than 2 kts.of boat speed and everything crashing around (more damage and wear and tear occurs in light winds than when it’s blowing a bit; when it’s blowing things stay in place better, especially sails and booms !). Have motored for a couple of hours in the last 24 hours and our daily run was 116 miles. Not very fast ! ETA at the Canaries some time in the early hours tomorrow morning. Havn’t yet decided on a destination or even which Island to go to ! Caroline preparing a bbq belly pork dish in Mr. D’s thermal cooker. Chris has been going round with the WD40 making sure everything runs smoothly. Very hot in these light winds.
Next posting from somewhere in The Canaries !
C & C