Wet and wild trip

Sun 25 Oct 2015 18:11
28 07.6N 015 25.6W
Lanzarote to Las Palmas Grand Canaria, what a trip, a horrendous one, in all the miles I've done on Four Seasons it was the worst. Forecast before we left WNW 15- 20 going 15-20 NW, swell 1-2 meters becoming 2-3 meters. Nothing to worry about. We got out there,and found the sea a bit confused ( it will get better!!! According to the forcast) We had a northerly swell with a cross westerly chop, not nice. We left at 1400 and hand steered alot of the time. Every thing going well apart from the motion below, Chris came up and announced he felt quite queazy. I then decided after past experience's I would be on deck for the whole trip ( only 12 hours to go!! No prob, done it before!!) We then experienced a huge wave which buried the boat. Chris was on the helm I was sat In the cockpit ( hooked on) .Chris said oh sh....t the spare Jib has come adrift,the lashings had ripped off. Hoved the boat too got the spare headsail of the foredeck only to find the cruising chute had been ripped of the deck. It had been washed overboard. Oh pooh or to words to that effect, not a good time for us both, soaking wet and demoralized, we went to try and find it but no luck. For the next 10 hours the wind did not drop the sea's stayed the same, and after numerous bucket of water chucked over me . The conditions did not calm down until we were with in 2 miles of Las Palmas. We eventually arrived at 0500 and dropped anchor, and just as we were digging the anchor in the furling line for the genoa decided to drop down the cockpit board then down the drain hole and around the prop.Dam and blast!! Sod it the anchor is in so of to bed it was, we will sort it out in the morning , which Chris duly did. It was an eventful trip but we know Four Seasons can take what ever is thrown at her, as long as the crew can also take it! But if anyone knows of anyone with a cruising chute for sale which would suit a 44ft boat we are interested.