Hythe to Roscoff

Sun 23 Aug 2015 20:22
Safely tucked up in Roscoff after phase 1 of our trip. A couple of niggly problems en route including a blocked head and a small fuel leak. Both cured by Chief Engineer, Bosun, Navigator and Bar manager Chris. Had an interesting experience whilst alongside this afternoon. We’re having a nap below when there is a knock on the hull. ‘Your bicycle which you left on the pontoon has just fallen over and gone in the water’. Oh botheration say I, how terribly annoying (or words to that effect !). Got the small dinghy grapnel anchor out and tied it to a long line. Started dragging the bottom for the bike. Grabbed it on a couple of occasions but it fell off. Tied a longer line to the first one  and kept trying. Then the 2 lines came apart and the grapnel anchor plus sinking line joined the bicycle 8 metres down. Definite sense of humour failure. Caroline walks to local chandlery and buys a new French anchor and we try again. Second attempt snag the bike and haul it up. Lo and behold the original anchor comes up with it ! A fresh water wash down and the bikes as good as new. Thought about taking the new anchor back saying we didn’t now need it but thought that was a bit cheeky ! Interesting first day to say the least.
Staying here an extra day as Mondays weather forecast is for strong winds on the nose. Next stop L’aberwrach and then Brest.
Watch this space.
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