L'aberwrach to La Coruna

Mon 31 Aug 2015 08:15

We had a fairly light wind crossing of Biscay. Not enough north in the wind to fly any of the spinnakers but some exciting and fast beam reaches with speeds constantly in the upper 7's and lower 8's. Also lots of calms so half the trip was motoring or motor sailing.

Saw lots of dolphins and whales, including sailing past a whale 50 feet away ! We need an I spy type book on whale and dolphin identification. At the moment whales are classed as small, big and 'Holy Shit, glad we didn't hit that one'.

Chris has developed a theory that Dolphins love Pink Floyd but hate Joe Satriani. After putting Satriani on the cockpit speakers we didn't see a dolphin for 24 hours. We have yet to try Streisand or Sabbath. Watch this space.

We are staying in the La Corunna area until the weekend then slowly heading south towards Porto then Lisbon. We are now thinking about Madeira rather than Morocco. An Island neither of us have been to before.

C & C