Slow but steady progress

Fri 25 Sep 2015 11:03
35 07N 014 34W
Wind has dropped off to about 10 kts. recently. Exactly as Passage Weather predicted ! Playing the wind shifts to make the most of the apparent wind and keep our V.M.G. (velocity made good) as high as possible. Averaging around 5 kts. Carolines beef stew was delicious. Served up with home made bread. Very nice but a bit of a ‘soggy bottom’ ! It came straight out of Paul Hollywoods book ‘How to Bake’.
I bet he’s never made bread on a rolling yacht with no oven temperature gauge or scales to weigh out the ingredients !
This morning had a school of about 50 dolphins playing around the boat. They stayed for about 20 minutes then went. I think our measly 5 kts. wasn’t enough for them ! Sun is shining so solar panels are doing the business. Pulled in the towed generator this morning. We need all the speed we can get and it creates quite a drag. Hopefully by this time tomorrow we should be within 30 to 40 miles of our destination. All for now.
C & C