Over halfway and into the tropics !

Wed 2 Dec 2015 11:17
Halfway point at noon yesterday and a few hours later crossed the Tropic of Cancer. Making steady progress now but still need a bit more wind. There is a battle going on for the mid positions in our class of the racing fleet. Sirens Tigress, Arthur Logic, Hot Stuff, EH01 and ourselves. We lost a lot of ground by going so far north but can hopefully pull it back. We are flying the light weight spinnaker all the time now in about 10 kts of easterly wind.
Water is being used much more than we allowed for so running the watermaker daily. Showers are banned for a few more days while we take stock. At least we all smell as bad as each other ! Thanks for all the emails everyone, they are much appreciated. If someone could get my brother and sister to email us as I don’t have thier addresses on the hard drive (silly me).More Tomorrow,
C & C