Day 3: Moving along nicely

Wed 25 Nov 2015 13:14
First of all the steering wire repair seems to be holding up well. We eventually used a length of dyneema for 1 wire and the main outhaul for the other. 3 chunky bulldog grips on each and hopefully that is sorted. Not taking any chances we hare not pushing too hard. 2 reefs in the main and a poled out no.3 jib we are still averaging around the 7 kts in 20-22 kts ENE winds. Plenty of double digit surfing. We have also changed the watch system to 3 hours on 6 off with 2 on each watch. Helming was proving difficult and everyone was very tired. Will give it a few days and then review.
Otherwise everything good and we are slowly getting acclimatised to living on the boat at sea. Nobody seems able to use the YB tracker to update facebook so our blogs will be the only source of info.
Chris J