Latest news from the Islands

Tue 16 Feb 2016 13:03
The anchorage just off Saba rock was very nice. A bit rolly in the early mornings and late afternoons when the ferries would be taking all the workers to/from the Bitter End resort. Took the dinghy to the beach for 1. A snorkell off the rocks (not very good) and 2. get the dinghies floor pumped up (it has an air filled bottom) and give it a good clean. We discovered later that we had left the oars on the beach when we emptied it. Oh well, another visit to Budget Marine !! At 5 p.m. every afternoon at Saba Rock a guy comes along and feeds the tarpon fish. These things are huge ! 4-5 feet long and incredibly fast and strong ( for those who don’t know tarpon are a sport fish) They have no teeth and hopefully I have attached a picture of one of the fish with its mouth halfway up the guys arm when snatching a bit of fish !
We left Saba on Sunday and had a leisurely sail down to our old favourite anchorage of Geat Harbour Peter Island. 16 years ago there would have been a maximum of 5 boats, sometimes we would have it to ourselves. There were now 30+ boats in there ! Mooring balls, a beach bar etc. However the spot close to shore near a split rock was vacant so we grabbed it.
On the way down to Peter we stopped briefly at Cooper Island, one of the best snorkelling sites in the Islands. Again, much more crowded than of old with mooring balls everywhere ( I’m all in favour of moorings by the way they really help the coral, just observing how much more crowded it has become). Had to anchor in 17 metres of water ! Everything out !
On Monday we motored across to Roadtown to get gas (cooking) and provisions. Extremely rolly moored outside with 1 metre swells coming into the bay. Got gas ok but decided it was too bouncy to stay so moved back to Peter. we will be here for a day or 2. Unfortunately we have no beer or fresh food ! We will struggle on I’m sure.
Sue Atkins arrives on Thursday in perfect time as the strong winds we have been having are forecasted to abate which is good. Next posting during her visit. Until then
C & C