Half way !

Thu 24 Sep 2015 10:51
36 42N 012 28W
Got to the half way mark around 0900 this morning. Wind has dropped a bit now and we are averaging 6 kts. Makes sleeping easier. We were not getting much with all the noise and motion ! Now broad reaching in a nice northerly 4. Got the asymetric up so speed improving. Nothing much to report. Chris had to ask a supertanker to alter course as the nearest approach on the AIS showed 82 feet ! Got the towed generator out and it is working well. Days are quite cloudy so the solar panels not doing much. Trying out Mr. D’s thermal cooker today. Caroline doing a beef stew. Will report on the results. Bought some cheap Portuguese gin in Lexioes. Horrible, might make a good paint stripper ! Will stick with the Spanish stuff, much nicer ! All for now.
C & C