200 miles to go!

Tue 8 Dec 2015 19:31
There’s a song their somewhere.. Currently having a little battle with a Discovery 65 as we head towards the finish line. The Oyster we were trying to hold off as passed us unfortunately but we will stuff them on handicap. Graham and Niall have just served an amazing dinner of lamb shank, new potatoes and carrots. Very yummy. we eat around 6 pm though because we havn’t put the clocks back since day 1 the local time is 3 pm ! Sunrise is just before 9.00 ! If the wind stays ETA is going to be somewhere between midnight and 7 in the morning ships time on Thursday. (We are on UTC –1).
I think we are all just looking forward to the finish now, beer, a shower and a long sleep ! We have already decided that if we get becalmed now we are retiring and the engine is going on !
Boat is fine, rudder bearing not getting any worse and we have completely forgotten that we are running with a bodged together steering system ! Other technical issues are all minor; we still have beer left as well ! Thanks for all the emails; apparently there is wifi at the marina in Rodney Bay but we have heard that before ! Keep sending any messages to blackdog {CHANGE TO AT} mailasail {DOT} com as we can pick them up without having to use the satphone. S.S.C members, we will try and phone tomorrow evening 2130 your time.
Next time from St. Lucia !
Chris, Caroline, Graham, Niall, Jim and Malcolm.