Greetings from St. Lucia !!

Fri 11 Dec 2015 11:51
A bit late in sending this I’m afraid but as per usual wifi is very hit and miss here. We are getting a local sim card today so we can tether to our phone.
Anyway, we got here ! 17 days 15 hours 7 minutes 7 seconds. Arriva time was 22:52 local time which is 02:52 UTC. No dramas over the last 24 hours. Landfall was made the previous evening right at sunset so in perfect time for sundowners !
Total mileage was 2846 giving an average speed of 5.88 knots. Quite slow but not bad considering all the problems we had. Top speed was 15.8 kts. That was awesome. Huge bow wave, white water everywhere and the whole boat vibrating like mad. We had loads of 12’s and 13’s throughout as well. Full report will follow in a few days and we will keep blogging on this site so stay tuned !
C & C