Hello guys

Around the world with Oda 2012 - 2015
Elisabeth Hval & Per Mandt
Sun 12 May 2013 17:33
Our fifth day at sea. Now 05:51.3s 098:03.7w UTC 1700
Still full sails 24 kt wind from 093M COG 249  SOG 7.9 waves 1- 2 m
The Dorado still get on our hooks, but we are waiting for a tuna. Elisabeth has made ginger for the sushi – absolute incredible good.
We are still heading for Picairn, but open for changes acording to the weather. We dont manage to go the rhumbline – somtimes 10 nm away from it.
Last night –sailed butterfly, but the wind stopped in the morning -
To Felice: Spør gjerne om det store bildet for å gå til Pitcairn / Gambier som et alternativ ved neste rapportering Smilefjes
Le vent est libre