Tue 8 Jul 2014 19:51
61:33.0 N 06:48.0 W
This is Tvoroyri-not Vagur-but still on the island of Suduroy-the Southern most Faroes island. The pushpit stainless steel bar at the back of the boat snapped –it needs repairing, and Tvoroyri has more facilities. The bar is all lashed up with rope now-but there is a chance of getting it properly welded here-we will see.
It was a long slow haul getting here, but we were rewarded with a lovely scene, and have found a small wooden quay to tie up to. The photo is the view of Tvoroyri  as we came in-lovely in the sunshine. The wind forecast is not good for several days for our next hop South-I will be looking for the next gap we can take advantage of. In the meanwhile, we shall enjoy some rest-and hopefully get in a hike or two. Bye for now-sleepy Steve and Trevor

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