Where's the mooring?

Sun 27 Jul 2014 20:18
50:01.648N 05:02.231W
Yes we will soon be looking for the mooring at Mylor-amazing to be back! Trevor has just sailed us around the Lizard and with the help of the favourable in-coming Spring tide he did it at 8 knots-that’s fast-though 9.7knots crossing the Pentland Firth is the record.  We didn’t intend to be here. Padstow as a stopping place was dropped as we would have had a rush to get back in time for Trevors next commitment,so we headed to Newquay-planning to spend the day resting up there before coming around Lands End tomorrow.We got there before daybreak-had a cup of tea whilst waiting for enough light to see, and then went into the harbour. My goodness was it full-boats everywhere-and no easy site alongside the harbour walls to rest easily by. My explorations took us close to the sand and reversing out landed us on a couple of tied up boats. There is a big risk here ; if you foul their ropes in the prop you are immobilised, the tide will go out and your boat will fall unpredictably-slowly but surely-eventually to the ground. So-I was very glad to get free-edge out, and decided there and then that NOW was the time to get home-so here we are. We passed the Longships lighthouse en route-one of my favourites. Here’s a picture of it.
It’s a strange feeling coming back in-but nice to have calm seas and a brisk breeze. Trevor is at the helm-and I will do some soup before we reach the mooring-and then a late supper. We will sleep on the boat as the water taxi service will have closed for the day-and tomorrow-back to dry land-back to normal life-and an adventure to reflect on-for ever!
. . . and from Whitebeard -
Lots to reflect on and cherish. What fun! What an adventure and what a privilege is has been. Hat’s off to Steve. Only when you have struggled to raise and lower a sail on a moving deck (and I only ever did such feats on calm water) can you appreciate the mettle and cool nerve of a solo voyager. A great way to end the trip was bouncing along on a good beam wind with Mingara heeling over and creating spray, just like the movies. It  has all been like that – with a sense of unreality.
With warm regards to all who have followed the odyssey,
Greybeard and Whitebeard.

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