Mon 14 Jul 2014 20:10
59:48.3N 04:14.5W
Oh weather forecasts-all those light headwinds have got stronger so we are bouncing and not going exactly where we want-but there is progress and the engine is also helping nudge us South. Later a Westerly wind –tomorrow morning- should help to get us into Stromness, where we have to go in with the tide-not against it.
This morning we had an absolutely thrilling spectacle of being escorted by a mixture of pilot whales and dolphins for about an hour. They were surfacing about six feet from the boat in large numbers-in all I would guess about fifty-quite a start to the day. Trevor was laughing with shear excitement.The pictures still have to be downloaded from the camera which will have to wait til the weather improves-but we had a memorable start to the day a real delight.
Thats it for today-more from hopefully easier conditions tomorrow, and we’ll get a good photo out as well! Love to all, Steve and Trevor