Starting off again

Mon 16 Jun 2014 17:47
51:37.97N 10:52.30W
It is feeling like starting again-but the time in Bere Island was pleasant and the winds outside were not helpful. Right now I have motored away from the Irish coast, and the cliffs are smudgy on the horizon behind. The engine is off now and the course is being held by the wind vane: 3.2 Kt, tracking 302 . It sounds as though the anticyclone is hanging around which is great unless I get becalmed. I was wondering if I should have loaded up more diesel to  be able to motor all the way-I’ve got a motor range of about 500 miles and a distance to go of about 1000 miles. Then I reminded myself that none of the trans Atlantic racers even have engines, and this is an area famous for wind. None the less-its like offering yourself to the Gods and hoping they will look kindly on you. For me this is a spiritual journey anyway.I  have not been all alone. Squadrons of Gannets in tight formation are wheeling around, and three playful dolphins ducked and dived around the bows for about half an hour. So the crew is holding up-probably through an emotionally tricky bit of being alone on the sea-and getting used to it- he will report in daily, science permitting!
Love to all!