Approaching landfall

Wed 25 Jun 2014 15:57
64:16.97 N 12:57.12 W
The recent rapid progress was due to strong SE winds-which were welcomed though uncomfortable. Today there is a much lighter SE wind and I am drifting up the East coast of Iceland towards Seydisfjordur-described as by far the best first port of call in the area for a visiting yacht-anyway-sometime tomorrow by the look of it. Today I have been playing with the boat sail trim-it is not easy to sail direct downwind-and in fact am still not-just gentle zig zags under foresail alone-after much fiddling around!.I have found frayed ropes and the masthead light is wobbling on its perch-otherwise boat and crew are hanging together. I am enjoying an easier day today-dozing to make up for short nights-NO nights really as there is no significant darkness at all-and its noticeably colder.
Tomorrow will be an interesting one-will keep updating! Love to all,   Steve
PS I’ve put the wrong picture on again-its the one Chris took of me as I was about to set off! Will try and get something up to date tomorrow.

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