Quiet day in Suduro before setting off for Stromness

Sat 12 Jul 2014 14:34
Yes-the weather slot is still there for us to get from here down to Orkney. It’s 180 miles-the winds are all southerly at the moment-so it will be a slowish tacking trip-a bit bumpy-but no strong winds to unsettle us two gentlemen as we head back to blighty. Tomorrow morning is take off time. Today it’s rainy and dull-strong SE breeze-so we are best off tied up where we are. We have done our last bits of shopping-had another walk around town-and now are cabin bound.Trevor is doing his Amnesty work on his computer, and I have been working through a few sextant sights I took on the way here-GPS  IS better!
We had a bus trip to the other side of the island planned-but mis-read  the (admittedly rather complicated) timetable-and waited patiently on a Saturday morning for a bus that only moves on school days!
I am keen to move on from this fabulous place-well worth a further visit-and all the other islands to explore as well. Now the home call is strong-so the next blog should come from the South.
Til then, bye for now;  Steve and Trevor.

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