Head winds

Sun 6 Jul 2014 17:49
62:38.15N 09:52.35W
We are heading for Sudoroy-the southern most Faroes island; Vagur is the small port, we are trying to get to. The SE wind is a head wind so the sailing is bumpy and generally hard work-although at least the cabin is dry. I am hoping to get there sometime on Tuesday and we will want a days rest before heading South again. The temperature has come up which is nice, and we have both started to shed layers of clothing. I spotted a loose bolt holding the ring that the tiller lines from the self steering gear are attached to this afternoon-a good spot as the self steering is a vital component of the boat-all secure there now. It is working very well. Here’s a picture of the boat splashing its way South. If the forecast is right-the wind is going to turn from SE to East which will allow us to head nearer to where we want to get to-hurray! Yesterday left us feeling a bit bruised after the bumpy start to our journey-but we are improved today, Trevors been out with his binoculars to watch the birds, and I’ve managed a bit of day time sleep. Bye for now. Love to all, Trevor and Steve

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