St Georges channel

Fri 25 Jul 2014 18:43
52:22.25N 05:39.54W
St Georges Channel separates most of Wales from Ireland-and we are currently abreast of Aberystwyth where my sister Janet and her husband Glyn have kindly offered us respite care. In fact I have a feeling which I commonly get when homeward bound-I just head in the homeward direction and get there! Other factors are the weather-as always-and the boat, plus of course ourselves. Other options which I will decide on tomorrow are to call in at either Padstow or Newquay. Trevor is keen to finish the trip with me in Falmouth and also has his own deadline for getting home-so-tomorrow-decision day! Sleeping on ideas is always productive-and the best plans seem to pop into consciousness without effort.
Today we have had sporadic sailing-and sporadic filling up the fuel tank with diesel as the wind is light as forecasted. A problem has been the failure of the electric auto-helm which can steer the boat for you; it has broken, and the wind vane system doesn’t have enough wind to work. It’s therefore hands on the tiller for Trevor and I, with a resulting somewhat loopy course as we slowly head South!
Spirits are good-we are a good team-greybeard and whitebeard. Our relationship was clearly cemented by The Spam sandwiches which I produced for us last night-FRIED spam as well! Picture included as proof.
In terms of cooking - Trevor does it-and I produce things from a selection of tins and other hidden treasures. Supplies are somewhat depleted now and what’s more the last crunchies have been eaten-yes, it’s time to get home!
Love to all.
Steve and Trevor

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