Loch Ness

Sat 19 Jul 2014 21:52
57:08.760N 04:40.637W
Well here we are at the South Western end of Loch Ness-Fort Augustus. Mingara is carrying myself, Trevor, Maryse, and the son of one of Trevors long standing friends-a very pleasant lad called Nick. It’s bed time now and the conditions are cramped but fun. The locks were fun too-when Mingara is in reverse I find the direction we take as “unpredictable”-but damage today has been limited to one punctured fender-it could have been worse!
We are camped at Fort Augustus-where Maryse and I visited about 6 weeks ago with Alans walk en route to John O’Groats-it’s nice to be here again with those happy memories. The weather is cloudy and rainy.  X-fingers for tomorrow. It’s a big contrast to my solo sail-but I am enjoying it a lot-Maryse and Nick leave somewhere at the end of the Caledonian canal-and Trevor too has to be away by the 28th July.
Sleep well everyone-from Myself, Maryse, Trevor and Nick!
The picture is of Mingara waiting at the sea lock entrance to get into the canal after an overnight trip through Inverness sound.

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