Cycling in Iceland

Tue 1 Jul 2014 23:22
The bad weather we are waiting to come and go has now arrived and rain pitter patters on Mingaras deck and roof. Tomorrow I am hoping the forecast will enable me to fix our departure date for Faroe-but will go with the flow-whatever! While waiting, Trevor and I did a 25 mile bike ride to a nearby bird sanctuary-where Trevor was very happy to be. I had a Black Arctic Skua, Bar-tailed Godwit, Arctic Terns, Redwing Thrush, Eider Ducks and Whimbrells + many others pointed out to me as we walked up to the viewing point on the high Iceland cliffs-so I too enjoyed the venture!
We have finally got the furling system fully functional-and are now ready to go-and are keen to get on the move. Tomorrow and the next day are expected to be the worst days.Here’s a picture of todays ride-which we finished off with another nice meal in the local Bistro!
Bye for now,   Steve  

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